Horizon Event

Bringing the Power of google technology to life


Despite spending 10+ years building the cloud business, Google was still seen as a consumer technology company and not an enterprise-level cloud provider. In 2016, we held a one-day event in San Francisco hosting some of Google’s top prospective customers, partners, and press to change their minds. In collaboration with Instrument, we created 4 installations to showcase the power of our technology to the C-suite of Fortune 100 companies.


Shift perception of the Google Cloud business in order to drive the sales pipeline among some of our largest prospective clients.


The C-suite built their careers on visionary thinking, but growing a legacy organization requires balancing “innovation” with “business as usual.”


How can we deliver the technological vision combined with the product proof to show that we’re “enterprise ready” for your business today (and tomorrow)?



The C-suite in traditional companies are looking for a technology solution to future-proof their organization, but a digital transformation will only be successful if there’s a cultural shift in how they think.


Break the mental barrier to transformation before the technological one. We need to bring our products to life in a new way that forces re-evaluation of Google and mirrors the mindset of the “new enterprise” they aspire to be.

Design Approach

As a metaphor to how these businesses are reinventing themselves, we transformed the historical Old Mint building in San Francisco by infusing it with inspiring digital experiences.



We know visitors enjoyed the event because we saw it in their photos.

We showcased Google’s powerful image recognition technology with a photo booth that uses the Cloud Vision API to detect the emotions of guests via their facial expressions. Each emotion had a specific color associated allowing for personalized takeaways.


Query It!

Everyone loves trivia (and a little healthy competition).

We created a trivia game utilizing the processing power of Google’s BigQuery (a serverless analytics platform) and SQL. We integrated a room-scale LED light show had tailored questions specifically to the industries/businesses of our event attendees.



There is creativity hidden everywhere, even inside of a spreadsheet.

We created a framework to animate business trends. You’re looking at data from “The Financial Times,” US Patent Registrations, and San Francisco OpenData in Google Sheets. They are all analyzed by the Google Cloud Platform for sentiment, correlations by location, and trends over time.



Visitors could literally see themselves with Google, in mirrors built with Google Docs.

Each mirror captured an image from a webcam, converted the image into ASCII text, and pasted the text into a live Google Doc in real-time. We designed and programmed an ambient state for each mirror, featuring famous inventors, technologists & artists. Each frame was a trackable edit, generating a live demonstration of its unexpected power.