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Hi, I’m Greg and I’m a brand strategist living in NYC.

I spent most of my childhood as a gymnast and rower. Eventually, I traded in my dreams of gold medal glory in high school for the nightmares of waiting tables, making pizzas, and doing menial office work.

I was raised by a family of scientists and artists. Despite never falling in love with either of those disciplines, I eventually combined them while studying Marketing at VCU and Brand Strategy at the Brandcenter. Brands including Altria, Airbnb, and Google have paid me for my ideas and fantastically worded emails. After spending a few years in-house at global brands, I'm now working as a freelancer helping agencies/consultancies solve difficult problems for their clients.

Outside of work, I can be found blocking your view at a concert, discussing the cultural value of memes, working on side projects, and riding my bicycle. I might also be sleeping from time-to-time. / Linkedin / Spotify / Instagram