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EXTending OUR Enterprise-Focused BRand Campaign to small Businesses


In 2016, we partnered with Anomaly to rebrand “Google Apps for Work” to “G Suite” and launch a brand campaign targeted at enterprise companies. In tandem, I had adapted our new creative style to our digital work targeted at small businesses. In collaboration with Huge, we created banners, videos, and social ads that were localized for global markets.


Extend our new brand narrative for G Suite to a small business (SMB) audience with refreshed messaging.


Given the rebrand, awareness was low, so we needed to clarify what’s included in G Suite and why it’s worth investing in a business account.


How can we convince SMBs it’s important to invest in the right business tools from the start to grow and scale?


To drive acquisition, we focused on promoting our free trial and a few products/benefits that we knew resonated strongly with small business owners.

Illustrators: Mark Long, Matt Blease, Studio Muti, Vincent Mahe, and Greg Clarke