Sometimes I write ads


I’ve found myself playing the role of “creative” multiple times when a team was strapped for resources. Here are some of examples where I’ve contributed strategy, concepts, and writing.

Google Domains: NEW YEar’s Resolution CAMPAIGN

A friend was leading marketing for Google Domains and was struggling to market their less popular domain endings. After analyzing Google Search trends, I identified a spike in consideration near the holidays and realized we could align specific domain endings with popular resolutions (buying a .dog, planning a .wedding, starting a .blog, etc). I led the copywriting and my coworker designed the ads. Despite spending $0 with a creative agency, this was the most successful campaigns of the last 12 months. We decreased the cost of acquisition by over 30% and domains grew by 2.5X in comparison to the holiday season the year prior.


A creative director on my team asked me if I had any spare time to pitch in on an ad campaign promoting our upcoming Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco.

Given this is a developer conference, he initially asked if I could pull some research together that might help the agency connect with an audience that is notoriously allergic to advertising. After spending hours reading reddit, researching other tech conferences, and chatting with engineers, I eventually distilled everything into a deck. I also threw in some copy lines just for fun…and people liked them. Over the next 2 months, I would help write copy for OOH ads that would be plastered around the Bay area for about two months.